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Suggest a book

To recommend a book you can’t find in our collection please Contact the Library and we will do our best to source it and add it to the collection  

DAISY player help

If you need technical help with your DAISY player please refer to the DAISY training guides. Or if you would like to book an over-the-phone DAISY training session please contact the library

Join a book club

To join a book club, or start your own, please contact the library. Access to book clubs are available free to Vision Australia library members. We support many book clubs around Australia and supply books for them. These include public library book clubs, Seeing Eye Dog associations, U3A groups and Vision Australia Telelink book groups.  Vision Australia book clubs are listed by state or region, under community groups.  


Bookshare is a US based organisation that provides access to synthetic voice DAISY and braille format books. It has over 400,000 titles. If you are a student, or like non-fiction, Bookshare may be of interest to you.

Library members can access the Bookshare online collection for $50AUD annually + $25AUD for the initial setup. Bookshare members can download up to 100 titles a month. Find out more about Bookshare. To join Bookshare please contact the library

Copying and reproduction the accessible formats

Library members can request copying and reproduction of personal documents and material into alternative formats like Braille, large print, audio and e-text. For more information please refer to Alternate format productions you can also contact us here.


Please contact the library if you have feedback on our library service including available titles, online catalogue, app, customer service, DAISY players and more.

Contact the library

For more information on Vision Australia’s Library service call 1300 654 656 or contact the Library. You can also connect with our services here.