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Tips for all industries

Guiding someone who is blind or has low vision

Join your guide Brittnee Watson as she gives you tips and tricks on guiding someone who is blind or has low vision.

Communication tips

Communicating with patrons who are blind or have low vision

Never channel conversation through a third person.

Tips to improve the recruitment process

Be open about the recruitment steps and what’s involved.

Easy ways to make a presentation inclusive

Name everyone in the room or get the members to say their name.

Health and wellbeing

Creating a more inclusive gym

Avoid leaving dumbbells on the floor.

Tips for medical receptionists

Check if the patient would like your help with signing in.

Aged care

Caring for older adults with blindness or low vision

Chairs should be pushed under the table. Keep floors clean.

Retail and hospitality

Tips for serving customers who are blind or have low vision

Do your best to describe what’s on your menu.

Tips to improve the dining experience

At a minimum, your menu font size should be 12-point.

Tips to improve the hotel experience

If a guest appears to be lost, check if they need help.

Tips to make farmers markets more inclusive

Offer your elbow - this is a great way to guide the customer.

Tips to make your supermarket more inclusive

Suggest what days or times work well to access support.

Sport, arts and entertainment

Tips to make venues more inclusive

Be open to guiding the patron to their seat.

Galleries and museums

When helping a patron find a spot, be descriptive as possible.

Tips to improve the theatre experience

Introduce yourself when greeting the patron.


Tips to make the airport experience more inclusive

Remember, dog guides are working and should not be distracted.

Tips for home removalists

Pack items per room rather than by theme.