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Vision Australia is the leading national provider of vision loss support and services. You can turn to us for help with everything that’s involved with adjusting to vision loss. This includes support to learn new skills and continue doing what you want. 

For example, you can work with us to:

  • Understand your eye condition and how to make the most of your existing vision
  • Get ideas, strategies and support by connecting with people who have similar experiences
  • Learn different ways to do daily tasks at home
  • Get out and about confidently, including catching public transport
  • Read in handy formats such as audio books
  • Enjoy entertainment including television and live performances

Contact us early and get the support you need. For more information on Vision Australia’s services call our helpline on 1300 84 74 66 or email

Service brochures

Vision Australia provides services to people with varying degrees of vision loss. Our services meet the diverse and changing needs of the individual over a lifetime.

Booklets and brochures are also available in braille and audio, please contact

'Live the life you choose' brochure is also available in 5 translated audio files:

Vision Australia Services Overview: accessible flyer available

Vision Australia Services Overview: accessible flyers also available in 11 more languages

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'Information for new clients' brochure is also available in different languages, in audio and written versions:

Client information booklet - Arabic

Client information booklet - Chinese

Client information booklet - Greek

Client information booklet - Vietnamese

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