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04 Feb 2022
Self-described blind poet, Dave Steele speaks to Studio 1 about expressing his emotions on vision loss through song and poetry.
03 Feb 2022
This week on Talking Vision, Stella Glorie speaks to one of three 2021 Holman Prize winners on the opportunity she has been able to plan thanks to the winnings.
03 Feb 2022
For those venturing into braille’s tactile world, a few custom-made devices can help with the process.
03 Feb 2022
There’s no doubt of the challenges schools have faced over the past two years as they grapple with how to deliver education while dealing with all the COVID pandemic has had to throw at them. But as we begin a new school year with a focus on keeping students in the classroom, it’s also an important time to consider the education of students who are blind or have low vision and the need for inclusive schools.
02 Feb 2022
As a supporting partner of Perth Festival, Vision Australia is committed to supporting events to be accessible to people who are blind or low vision.   As such we will be providing FREE orientation and mobility sessions in advance of the Festival to the venues providing audio described and tactile tour events.
01 Feb 2022
An accessible Australian made Connect 4 is now on the market, with self-sorting, tactile tokens and an improved gameplay.
28 Jan 2022
After six years as president of Blind Citizens Australia (BCA), John Simpson AM is stepping back.
28 Jan 2022
The cost of buying purpose-built products for users who are blind or have low vision can be overwhelming. David Woodbridge reviews the in-built screen reader and magnifier options on Windows, Apple and Android.
27 Jan 2022
Partnering with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to ensure Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme (TTSS) participants can access the new TTSS Smartcard
21 Jan 2022
Queenslanders Scott Preston and Nathan Price have benefitted from a new traineeship for people who are blind or have low vision.