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15 Jun 2021
There’s a cold blast whipping across most of the country, the perfect time to snuggle down with a cosy read, unless of course you’d like something a little more chilling.
11 Jun 2021
Norma has reclaimed her independence after a glaucoma diagnosis and making the big move to 'a small blip in the middle of the Bass Strait'
10 Jun 2021
Radio volunteer Peter Greco believes everyone has a story to tell, and for the past 29 years he’s been ensuring those stories get told.  
10 Jun 2021
Starting university after a year of pandemic lockdowns is hard enough. For 18-year-old Hajar Bahram, she has managed to juggle the transition with the added difficulty of low vision.
09 Jun 2021
Vision Australia is excited to announce its 2021 Telelink winter webinar series!
08 Jun 2021
Vision Australia is moving to a new and exciting location in Perth. From Monday, June 28, Vision Australia will be located at 148 Railway Parade West Leederville, 6007. Our current location at Level 1, 3 Rosslyn St, West Leederville, will be permanently closed as of 5pm Thursday, 17 June.
08 Jun 2021
When Francois Jacobs moved to Australia from South Africa six years ago he faced three major challenges. Making friends, finding a job and navigating a brand-new country as someone who has been blind since birth. For many, this would be enough to steer them away from moving 10,000km away from their home – but not for Jacobs. He said one of the key things that helped him along the way was a simple friendly and helpful voice coming from his radio every single day.
04 Jun 2021
Whether watching at home or going in to the game, we know that the AFL Record is essential pre-game reading for footy fans. Thanks to a partnership between the AFL Record and Vision Australia Radio, people who are blind or have low vision are included in this important part of footy culture with a reading of the Record airing throughout the network every Thursday night during the season.
03 Jun 2021
Antony lives with blindness/low vision as a result of retinitis pigmentosa. As his vision has deteriorated, Antony found his work was taking longer and longer to complete, prompting him to explore a career in community service work.
27 May 2021
Amy Ridley has advocated for herself all her life. Diagnosed with the autoimmune condition panuveitis, Amy has navigated the world with minimal sight. She’s seen how others treat people with a disability and how isolating it can feel for those who can’t see.