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24 Jun 2022
In honour of the announcement of the prize’s 2022 shortlist of nominated books, the Vision Australia Library takes a look back at some of the proud highs and embarrassing lows of the award.  
23 Jun 2022
It’s a Talking Vision special this week as host Sam Colley speaks with opening batter for the Australian blind cricket team, Steffan Nero.
23 Jun 2022
Can’t see if your plant needs water? Just touch the soil. If it’s dry, give it a drink.

These tactile tips were just some of the great lessons learnt at a blind and low vision specific DIY workshop at Bunnings’ Central Coast store in Tuggerah over the Queen’s birthday long weekend.
21 Jun 2022
Our Vision Store website has received a complete overhaul.
10 Jun 2022
At just nine-years-old, Jacob had already done what stays a pipe dream for many – write a book.
10 Jun 2022
We're asking people to be "Good Listeners" during this year's Radiothon. Sheila has been listening for 40 years and could be our longest-running listener yet.
10 Jun 2022
Being able to analyse art is an essential part of some school subjects. However, if you are blind or have low vision, this can be a bit of a challenge.
Eva, who had low vision since she was a toddler, has been able to find a solution to this thanks to the Vision Australia alternate format production team.
10 Jun 2022
Putting it bluntly, it's two hours of sound effects and space politics.
03 Jun 2022
Vision Australia is thrilled to announce the 15 artists who are all blind or have low vision and will feature in the organisation’s 2023 calendars and diary.
02 Jun 2022
June is Radiothon time for Vision Australia Radio. And we’re asking our listeners, and the broader community for its support to continue our essential service.