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01 Apr 2021
While smart TVs are amazingly useful for blind and low vision users, the cost can be prohibitive.
26 Mar 2021
The needs of Australia’s blind and low vision community have been ignored in the response to COVID-19, with the Australian Department of Health’s online vaccine eligibility checker failing to meet the government’s own accessibility requirements.
22 Mar 2021
Ikuna Voices is striving to connect the blind and low vision community in Queensland
22 Mar 2021
Ben has always had a passion for sports and personal training and he finally found meaning for it when he made a change.
22 Mar 2021
If you've got the writing bug and would like to meet some like-minded individuals, we have the course for you!
18 Mar 2021
Anushka was part of Vision Australia's Career Start Program in 2020. She shares her experience in the program and the opportunities it has afforded her.
18 Mar 2021
Vision Australian librarian, Sarah Bloedorn was a recent guest on Talking Vision discussing two trail-blazing librarians whose work was instrumental in braille accessibility and production in Australia, May Harrison and Minnie Crabbe.
15 Mar 2021
Vision Australia is currently seeking expressions of interest for one position on the Client Reference Group for a term of three years.
12 Mar 2021
Vision Australia’s national assistive technology adviser David Woodbridge compiles his top 10 accessible games on the iPhone and iPad.
10 Mar 2021
Help Centre for Eye Research Australia research into ocular gene therapy