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24 Sep 2018
In the lead up to the Victorian election on 24 November, Vision Australia is urging the government to commit to improving disability employment in the Victorian Public Service (VPS) by allocating two graduate positions per year to people with disability.
21 Sep 2018
This week’s Talking Vision is a special episode, with Vision Australia Retail Services Manager Andrew Wheeler jumping behind the mic to conduct an extended interview.
20 Sep 2018
Leading blindness and low vision service provider Vision Australia is set to bring its services directly to people across regional Victoria.
19 Sep 2018
Young people in Brisbane who live with vision loss are being encouraged to make the most of an upcoming opportunity learn valuable job hunting and employment skills.
18 Sep 2018
After launching in Australia in May, Aira agents are now available 24/7.
17 Sep 2018
Lindsay is the type of employee that leaves an unforgettable impression. The 29 year-old isn’t interested in a typical career path.
14 Sep 2018
This week’s Talking Vision takes an employment and education focus, with an interview with well-known media identity from the blind and low vision community and the latest on the Vision Australia Further Education Bursaries.
13 Sep 2018
Life took an unexpected turn when Kenny lost his vision in his twenties but this wasn’t going to stop him from forging ahead to have an exceptional career.

12 Sep 2018
Mobile app calls out landmarks to help people who are blind or have low vision get to where they need to go
11 Sep 2018
Vision Australia’s work for clients in Melbourne’s north and west will be greatly enhanced by a state-of-the-art new services hub in Sunshine.