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03 Jun 2019
Vision Australia is currently seeking expressions of interest for two positions on its Client Reference Group (CRG).
31 May 2019
A recent meeting between staff members of Seeing Eye Dogs and the Australian Border Force results in positive outcomes for both organisations.
29 May 2019
For 63-year-old Wanda Egerton, joining the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has had a profound impact on her life. Wanda, blind from birth, has seen many changes to the disability sector over the decades she’s been connected with Vision Australia and RVIB. But since the introduction of the NDIS, things have never been better.
23 May 2019
Vision Australia has highlighted the multiple ways children who live with blindness or low vision or any other print disability are able to access written material as part of a national literacy initiative.
22 May 2019
Do you struggle with procrastination or self-sabotage, possibly because of a lack of self-love and self-belief?
21 May 2019
Vision Australia’s Learn Engage Act Perform (LEAP) is designed to help young people aged 14-17, and sees them working with their service provider and as a group via webinar once a month. Tiana Offord (15) couldn’t be happier with the program and how it’s helping her reach her goals.
20 May 2019
Adele, a valued member of the volunteer community, recently celebrated her 100th with a party organised by the various groups that she volunteers time to.
20 May 2019
With the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) nearly complete, Vision Australia has updated its white cane distribution policy.
20 May 2019
The white cane is one of many mobility aids used by people of all ages who are blind or have low vision.
15 May 2019
Employer attitudes and inaccessible workplaces can pose a challenge to people who are blind or have low vision, but navigating the job search process can also prove difficult.