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15 Mar 2019
For people who are blind or have low vision, orientation and mobility skills are key to enabling them to independently and confidently take on any environment they may encounter. But what exactly is orientation and mobility?
15 Mar 2019
The Envoy Connect Audio Player is a new and convenient way to access audio books from the Vision Australia Library.
14 Mar 2019
Web forms today are easy to create, and easy to get wrong. Check out these tips for making sure they're accessible.
13 Mar 2019
With the right accessibility features enabled and some handy apps installed, a smartphone can be a valuable tool to support people who are blind or have low vision.
08 Mar 2019
The Vision Australia Bendigo Easter Egg Hunt returns in 2019 for two days that are sure to make it the Easter egg-stravaganza of the year!
07 Mar 2019
Did you know that if you are a voter in NSW, and are blind or have low vision, you will again be able to cast a secret, independent and verifiable vote in the New South Wales general election using iVote from home?
07 Mar 2019
Inclusive design is a term that gets thrown around these days, but it has one simple and guiding principle; ensuring that products and services are able to be experienced by more people.

You might not know it, but many everyday items owe their existence to inclusive design.
06 Mar 2019
Rather than allow a rare genetic eye condition to keep her from her artistic dreams, Mia Armsworth has used her lived experiences as inspiration for a piece of work displayed the Art Gallery of NSW.
06 Mar 2019
The NSW Government has announced $500,000 per annum funding from next year for Vision Australia’s library service.
28 Feb 2019
The 2020 Vision Australia Calendar artwork competition is now open!