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15 Jan 2019
Vision Australia is on the hunt for volunteer mentors for a new program aimed at helping people who are blind or have low vision to achieve their employment goals.
11 Jan 2019
I am often asked the question by sighted theatre lovers, ‘What’s the point of going to a live show if you’re blind?’ For the same reason as anyone else – to enjoy the performance.
After experiencing my first audio-described musical a couple of years ago, I am truly hooked and recommend you try it too. The difference it made to the enjoyment of a live show was immense, thanks to a small group of dedicated audio-describers from Vision Australia
09 Jan 2019
On 31 January the cut off for opting out of My Health Record will close.
21 Dec 2018
This year there are 3 ways to access all the visual glitz and glam of Vision Australia’s premier event.
20 Dec 2018
National Boys Choir chief Peter Casey is retiring after 30 years of involvement with Carols by Candlelight.
18 Dec 2018
NDIS plan management is the way the funding in your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan is managed. There are several kinds of plan management so making the right choice is important.
14 Dec 2018
When we talk about accessibility, some people tend to think about physical accessibility like ramps and elevators in buildings. But what about digital/website accessibility – what is it and why is it important?
12 Dec 2018
Vision Australia has warmly welcomed a commitment by the Australian Banking Association (ABA) to strongly promote the importance of accessibility in the sector.
10 Dec 2018
Twelve months ago today, I had my nine day old baby boy asleep on my chest. We were on  a hospital trolley bed,  My mum on my left, my husband on my right. As the orderlies were wheeling us towards the theatre, I was crying and clutching to my baby, wondering if I was ever going to see him again. I remember the corridors and the stares of pity we got in the lift. I was about to endure  a seven and a half hour long brain surgery to remove a tumour from my optic nerve. My baby was taken away by my husband and we had a teary see you later. I was connected to copious amounts of lines and machines and wheeled into surgery.  A mask was put over my face and I counted back from 10 staring at the halo of surgery lights,  My lights went out and that was my last coloured memory.
10 Dec 2018
Sometimes I think I need to get around with this sign on the back of my T-shirt. Having a hidden disability is hard. People can’t see that I am legally blind.