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12 May 2020
Cecile Lablache is passionate about cooking. The 57 year-old is totally blind due to retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited condition that causes the de-generation of cells in the retina.
07 May 2020
Check out our handy guides to what audio description content is available on streaming services.
01 May 2020
The 2021 Vision Australia Calendar artwork competition is now open!
30 Apr 2020
Blindness or low vision doesn’t mean you can’t get in the kitchen!

Whether you’re an experienced cook or a novice, there’s a range of equipment and a number of strategies that can help you become a kitchen whizz!
24 Apr 2020
If you want to use this quarantine downtime to further your cooking prowess, this is the course for you!
24 Apr 2020
Who ever said isolating at home had to be boring? Vision Australia’s Vision Store has a wide range of accessible games that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of whether you are blind, have low vision or are sighted!
23 Apr 2020
As many people who are blind or have low vision use touch to access information or navigate public spaces, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on their ability to be active and independent.

Vision Australia orientation and mobility expert Bashir Ebrahim OAM recently spoke to Vision Australia Radio about some techniques people who are blind or have low vision can use to stay safe.
22 Apr 2020
National Volunteer Week will be celebrated across Australia from May 18-24. At Vision Australia, we're fortunate to be supported by amazing and dedicated volunteers across and we want to share their stories with you.
08 Apr 2020
Chrissy Brincat is a Marketing Graduate at Vision Australia as part of the Career Start Program. "The Stranger on the bus" originally appeared in the April edition of Blind Citizens Australia newsletter.
07 Apr 2020
For Caitlin Jung, a Vision Australia Further Education Bursary has removed a number of challenges that come with studying at university with low vision.