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19 Oct 2018
The Black and White Committee wins a Vision Australia Award
19 Oct 2018
Bick Gleeson wins a Vision Australia award
18 Oct 2018
You only have until 15 November 2018 to opt out of My Health Record.
17 Oct 2018
As we head towards the end of year holiday break, Digital Access’ training workshops are winding down for 2018. Don’t worry, we still have some terrific training available, and great deals to help you get started in learning about accessibility for your documents and websites/mobile apps.
16 Oct 2018
Being part of social change to enhance the lives of people with disability across the globe wasn’t originally part of Hamish Mackenzie’s career aspirations.
15 Oct 2018
We want to make sure our social media has the type of content you’re looking for in the way you would like to experience it, and the best way for us to do that is to get your opinion.
15 Oct 2018
The increase of electric and hybrid cars on Australian roads is putting pedestrians at significant risk, particularly people who are blind or have low vision, new research has found.
12 Oct 2018
With International White Cane set to happen next week, this week’s Talking Vision is all about the mobility aid and what it means to the blind and low vision community.
12 Oct 2018
Drivers and cyclists don’t want to have collisions with pedestrians but it does happen, and unfortunately people who are blind or have low vision face additional challenges to staying safe when navigating road crossings, footpaths and other public areas.
10 Oct 2018
After more than two decades behind a desk at a law firm, Marisa was ready for a career change.