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23 Apr 2019
It’s not uncommon for people who are blind or have low vision to face misconceptions about their abilities.

17 Apr 2019
Vision Australia's Circus Day at Kooyong wowed kids and their families with games, music and fun!
15 Apr 2019
Living with blindness or low vision is no reason people can't take an interest in fashion. Check out our expert advice about developing your wardrobe and dressing for specific occasions.
15 Apr 2019
Accessibility is often an afterthought in digital projects, overlooked due to time or budget constraints. Making accessibility a separate process implies it's an extra task to be completed, rather than something that should be considered from the start.  
10 Apr 2019
​​​​​​​A new opportunity for people who are blind or have low vision to be active and healthy is set to hit Newcastle.

02 Apr 2019
Artists who are blind or have low vision have been reminded to submit their entries for the Vision Australia calendar competition.
01 Apr 2019
Theodore Tsolakis isn’t quite sure what he wants to do after finishing uni, but he does know a Vision Australia Further Education Bursary has made life at uni much easier.
01 Apr 2019
Digital inclusion is paramount for every organisation and business. Poor decisions around accessibility can prove costly, with organisations risking reputational damage along with possible legal action and the need to redesign.
29 Mar 2019
Did you know an estimated 80% of web content starts out as a Word document?
29 Mar 2019
Albury's blind and low vision community is set to be given the chance to learn how makeup can help them better express themselves and build self-confidence