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20 May 2021
If you've ever wondered about volunteering with Vision Australia, here are several short stories from our volunteers sharing their experiences and delving into what makes them want to continue volunteering
20 May 2021
Millions of older Australians with a disability are being forced to go without life-changing assistive technology as the government fails to address a funding gap that could change their lives.
19 May 2021
It’s not just Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V. In this article we'll explore handy shortcuts that are useful for everyone.
18 May 2021
Mental health is the topic of episode three of Vision Australia Radio’s podcast Nothing’s off Limits. Speaking to hosts Polly Goodwin and Tess Herbert, Courtney said many people with a vision condition or disability carry their grief with them every day.
12 May 2021
People who are blind or have low vision are understandably at a disadvantage when trying to understand non-verbal cues. Episode two of Vision Australia’s Nothing’s Off Limits podcast delves into the fascinating world of communicating well, finding confidence and getting around safely for someone with a vision condition.
12 May 2021
Blind and low vision people with Seeing Eye Dogs are being turned away from various public places including taxis and restaurants in what is being called a ‘systemic issue’.
10 May 2021
More than 50 people who are blind or have low vision were given the rare chance to get behind the wheel at the inaugural Blind Speed Track Day at Wakefield Park Raceway on Tuesday, May 4.
06 May 2021
Vision Australia Radio is set to explore some of life’s more awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable topics in its new audio series, Nothing’s Off Limits.
06 May 2021
Did you know there was an all-women-run mechanics in 1920s Melbourne? Or that a university lecturer in Tehran secretly met with her students to discuss forbidden Western classics?
05 May 2021
Melbourne based bodybuilder Jason Whiter and American Paralympian Tyler Merren speak to the Nothing’s Off Limits podcast about maintaining their fitness.