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26 Jun 2018
By Andrew Jackson

Chris Edwards, his wife and three children settle in for a typical night of television watching. Like most nights, the family struggle to get through one episode of Modern Family without breaking into fits of laughter.
26 Jun 2018
Joy Nuske’s Vision Australia Library record says she’s closing in on her 10,000th audio book loan, but she laughs at the suggestion.
25 Jun 2018
For Debbie Lenehan, giving back to Vision Australia and the blind and low vision community is nothing new.
25 Jun 2018
As a partnership between people who are blind, sighted or have low vision, Vision Australia understands the importance of acknowledging the invaluable contributions made by members of our community.

The Vision Australia Awards were handed out for the first time at our 2006 Annual General Meeting. They were created as a means of identifying, celebrating and thanking those generous organisations and individuals who give of their time and resources to support our work.

In 2018 the Vision Australia Awards will be presented during the Annual General Meeting to be held in New South Wales on Thursday 18 October 2018.
22 Jun 2018
Showbiz legend Pete Smith will host a Dinner in the Dark charity event for Vision Australia's Dandenong centre.
21 Jun 2018
Meet Vision Australia’s newest Ambassador, Donna Dyson.
21 Jun 2018
Vision Australia Radio Warrnambool commercial and local commercial radio station 3YB are swapping frequencies, with 3YB to adopt Vision Australia Radio's FM signal, a move that will boost Vision Australia Radio's coverage area.
21 Jun 2018
Vision Australia is excited by the opportunity to work with the Department of Education and Training (DET) as they take steps to assess and improve the accessibility of their online presence.
20 Jun 2018
Don’t be fooled by the grey winter weather. Magic is everywhere in Melbourne in July – even in the dark.
19 Jun 2018
Renowned international vision scientist Professor Frank Werblin and low vision pioneer Tom Perski recently visited Australia to highlight new technology that’s not only bringing back sight to people with low vision, but ‘bringing back life’.