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03 Dec 2018
Imagine going to an interview for your dream job. They've already screened you by phone, and said it sounds like you'd be a great fit. You nail the interview, answering each question perfectly – more and more confident you have what it takes.
29 Nov 2018
People with colour blindness now have a new tool to help them access on-screen information, whether it be for work, school or leisure, thanks to the innovative work of Vision Australia’s Digital Access team.
28 Nov 2018
A local donation means a big boost to the expanding Seeing Eye Dogs puppy caring program in Ballarat.
27 Nov 2018
Vision Australia clients have again made the most of an opportunity to familiarise themselves with a Brisbane landmark and the city’s public transport routes.
26 Nov 2018
Dealing with the challenges that blindness and low vision can present is different for every individual, and for some it may mean impact their mental health and overall wellbeing.
23 Nov 2018
This year IDPwD has a strong connection to the blind and low vision community, with Gerrard Gosens OAM named as the 2018 Patron.
20 Nov 2018
The white cane is an important tool for independence and mobility among people who are blind or have low vision. Read on for what you need to know about the history and use of white canes. 
16 Nov 2018
Vision Australia's Low Vision Feast attracted cooks who are blind or have low vision to work alongside top Perth chefs.
16 Nov 2018
New research from the CNIB Foundation, Vision Australia and the Blind Foundation of New Zealand found people with sight loss are significantly less likely to be employed full time compared to their sighted counterparts.
15 Nov 2018
This is my most asked question: How much can you see? Before I can answer this complex question, I need to explain the difference between the terms legally blind and low vision as there is lots of confusion when I am asked. Vision Australia defines the two terms as follows: