Public Policy

What is public policy?

Vision Australia’s public policies aim to eliminate barriers and shift community thinking so that people who are blind or have low vision are able to live the life they choose.

Vision Australia makes public comment on many current issues under debate and proactively develops and promotes public policy to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the needs of the blindness and low vision community.

Our public policies are regularly referenced by decision makers across government, business and civil society. Vision Australia also works to disseminate our public policies to relevant of stakeholders.

Our primary objective is to minimise the barriers that people who are blind or who have low vision regularly experience when accessing the community and in exercising their rights as citizens.

Our public policies are updated every three years to ensure that our voice is deliberate, robust, clear and supported by feedback from our clients.

To find out more, you can read Vision Australia's protocol for developing public policy (Word, 57KB) 

Vision Australia's public policy and position statements

Our public policy statements outline our position and reflect current research and consultation with clients, expert staff and other key stakeholders.

See the links below to download our Public Policy statements:

Access to Audio Description (Word, 213KB)

Access to Braille (Word, 227KB)
Access to Currency Public Policy (Word, 201KB)

Access to Employment Policy (Word, 210KB)
Access to Education Policy (Word, 102KB) 
Access to Equipment Public Policy (Word, 222KB)

Access to Published Information Public Policy (Word, 210KB)

Access to Taxi Services (Word, 216KB)

Access to Voting Public Policy (Word, 206KB)

Ageing and Vision Loss Public Policy (Word, 216KB)
Driving with Significant Vision Loss Public Policy (Word, 213KB)
Mobility Parking Schemes Public Policy (Word, 220KB)
Quiet Vehicles Public Policy (Word, 227KB)

Self-Directed Funding Public Policy (Word, 205KB)

Shared Use Paths Public Policy (Word, 207KB)

Street Furniture and Items on Footpaths Public Policy (Word, 207KB)

Touchscreen Technology Public Position Statement (Word, 168KB)

Briefing paper

International context for audio description (Word, 667 KB)
International context for audio description (PDF, 120 KB)


Employer Attitudes survey results highlight (Word, 47.8 KB)


Vision Australia's Lead Policy Advisor presents to the Round Table Conference May 2016 (Word, 42KB)


Vision Australia regularly comments on government inquiries. Below are some of our more recent submissions.


Vision Australia submission in response to the Commonwealth ICT Procurement Framework (Word 83KB)

Vision Australia submission in response to the forthcoming deliberative forum for young adults: Staying on Track (Word 88KB)

Vision Australia submission on proposed regulations to the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Bill 2017 (Word 80KB)

Vision Australia submission in response to Queensland Rail's request for temporary exemptions under the DDA Act (Word 65KB)



Vision Australia Submission in response to the Inquiry into the 2016 ACT Election June 2017 (Word 85KB)

Vision Australia Submission in Response to The Whole Journey May 2017 (Word 176KB)


Vision Australia response to the Aged Care Legislated Review 2016 (Word 69.8 KB)

Vision Australia submission in response to the Auditor General's Report (Word 661KB)

Vision Australia's submission to QLD Education Policy Review (Word, 44KB)

Vision Australia's submission to NACAP Review (Word 225KB)

Vision Australia Submission to Census Senate Inquiry - September 2016 (Word 216 KB)

Vision Australia's submission to the Legal Metrology Policy Review Sep 2016.(Word 660 KB)

Vision Australia's submission on the regulation of ride sharing in Victoria (Word 233 KB)

Vision Australia's submission to the Department of Justice and Regulation on the Juries Act 2000 (Word 661 KB)

Vision Australia's submission to review of  Victorian State Disability Plan (691 KB)

Submission to Department of Communications on Exposure Draft Copyright Amendment Bill (Word, 36KB)

Vision Australia's submission addressing aspects of the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) 2016 (Word 670kb)

Vision Australia's submission on QLD Human Rights Act (Word 226kb)

Vision Australia's submission to NDAP review June 2016 (Word 236kb)


Vision Australia Submission to AHRC Willing to Work Inquiry (Word, 59KB)

Vision Australia Submission to the Multi-Purpose Taxi Program Review (Word, 56KB)

Vision Australia 2015 Queensland election priorities (PDF, 143KB)

Vision Australia 2015-16 Pre-Budget Submission (Word, 653KB)

Vision Australia Submission on NDIS Quality Standards and Safeguards (Word, 58KB)

Vision Australia Submission to the 2015 Review of the Disability Standards for Education (Word, 58KB)

Vision Australia Submission to the inquiry into the 2014 Victorian State Election (Word, 34KB)

Vision Australia Submission to the inquiry into the Marrakesh Treaty (Word, 227KB)

Vision Australia Submission to the NSW Point-to-Point Transport Review (Word, 253KB)  


Submission in response to the Marrakesh Treaty implementation options paper (Word, 32KB)

Vision Australia 2014 Victorian Election Priorities (Word, 32KB)

Response to the McClure Review into A New System for Better Employment and Social Outcomes (Word, 62KB)


Response to the Draft Report of the Review of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (Word, 666KB)

Response to the Australian Law Reform Commission Discussion Paper on Equality, Capacity and Disability in Commonwealth Laws (Word, 659KB)

Inquiry into the Conduct of the 2013 Federal Election (Word, 37.8KB)

Inquiry into the role of the TAFE system (Word, 1.72MB)

Inquiry into the Social Inclusion of Victorians with a Disability (Word, 416KB)


Submission to the Commission of Audit (Word, 129KB)

Response to discussion paper on the Rules governing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Word, 278KB)

Response to COAG Regulatory Impact Assessment duplication of governance and reporting standards (Word, 72KB)

COAG Regulatory Impact Statement on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Word, 240KB)

Blindness Sector response to the draft National Disability Insurance Scheme Bill 2012 (Word, 291KB)

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