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Share your views with government and help improve the safety of pedestrians who are blind or have low vision.

You may know electric vehicles are typically quiet. When travelling at low speeds these vehicles can be hard for pedestrians to hear, proving very risky for the blind and low vision community.

Keep reading and learn about:

  • the proposed change to help protect pedestrians
  • sharing your views to support us.

Proposed policy

The Australian Government is deciding whether to make it mandatory for electric vehicles to be fitted with an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) to make it easier for pedestrians to detect them.

Specifically, they are determining whether to adopt UN R138/01 as a new Australian Design Rule in electric cars. If mandated, the AVAS could save lives and avoid thousands of injuries.

Consultation process

Before considering a major policy change that could impact Australians, their businesses, and the community, government want to hear from you.

This process involves a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS), which covers the government’s recommendation.

Share your views

There are two ways to share with government why you support the proposed introduction of AVAS to electric vehicles.

Tips for your email

As a pedestrian, you could cover:

  • What it will mean to you or your loved one if the government mandates AVAS in electric vehicles. E.g. confidence and wellbeing to walk safely.
  • How does it impact you that you’re unable to detect electric vehicles?
  • Do you have any experiences with electric vehicles you wish to share? E.g. near miss, collision.

For more information, visit the government's public consultation on AVAS for electric vehicles.

Any questions? Please contact Reeni Ekanayake at [email protected].