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6 members for the Vision Australia team in the studio.

Vision Australia Radio

Our 40-year-old community radio network for people with a print disability could close permanently and we need your help to send a strong message to government to keep us on air.

For years, Vision Australia Radio has operated thanks to funding from government, sponsorships and donations. But due to major changes in government funding with the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, we urgently need $700,000 per annum of government funding to avoid possible closure at the end of this year. 

Without this secure funding, it will be incredibly difficult for Vision Australia to cover substantial broadcast fees. Closure would mean equal access to broadcast media for people with a print disability will be incredibly restricted and local and diverse content will be lost for good. 

We need to send a strong message to decision makers that protecting equal access to news, local voices and stories is critical. Please take action and help keep our networks in regional Victoria, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth on the air.

Meet with your Member of Parliament

Organising a face-to-face meeting with your local member of parliament is the most effective way to gain their attention.

Download our step-by-step lobbying toolkit for further information

What did they say?

Politicians have a responsibility to represent the views of individuals in their electorate.  Please tell us their response at [email protected]