2017 Queensland Election

Keeping your rights on the political agenda.

The 2017 Queensland Election is set to take place on 25 November. With 75,000 Queenslanders representing the blind and low vision community, together, our voice is strong.

To create a fairer society, we’re urging all the major parties and candidates to act on several issues.

  • Employment: create more employment opportunities in the public sector.
  • Education: equal access to the resources and tool students who are blind or have low vision require in order to be able to fully participate at school, universities and TAFE
  • Transport: Review and extend the Taxi User's Subsidy Scheme subsidy fare to $60 and transition to an electronic card payment system to improve accessibility of the scheme
  • Independence: the introduction of iVote, enabling people who are blind or have low vision to exercise their right to vote independently and in secret, just like every other Queenslander.

As a Queensland voter, you have the power to influence change. Campaign with us and make your voice heard.

Learn more about our 2017 Queensland election priorities (Word, 2.3MB)

Campaign updates 

  • Liberal National Party has informed us that if elected, the issues facing our community will be furthered considered including implementing a public sector graduate program, more jobs and working with us to introduce audio announcements on buses and at bus stations. Please refer to the full LNP response (Word.18.8kb).
  • Greens Candidate for South Brisbane Amy MacMahon visits Vision Australia's Coorparoo office and recognises the need to fix transport for our community, and highlights the issues her mother who has low vision, faces on a regular basis.
  • 22 candidates respond to our Election Priorities, many of whom had lived experience of blindness or low vision. We continue to stay in touch with candidates who have shown interest in our rights. 
  • All major parties and candidates are made aware of the urgent need to prioritise the rights of Queenslanders who are blind or have low vision. Every representative is presented with a copy of our Election Priorities and the invitation to meet with us.  
September (post election announcement)


  • All Queensland Members of Parliament are made aware of the issues facing the 75,000 Queenslanders who are blind or have low vision.