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Vision Australia has a broad range of policies to ensure our clients are treated with dignity and respect. Policies cover a range of topics such as human rights, freedom from abuse and sexual harassment. Vision Australia also aims to ensure services meet individual needs and a high standard of delivery is maintained.

Privacy and security

Vision Australia is committed to its legislative responsibility to protect the personal information of clients, customers, donors and staff. We will ensure that all data:

  • is collected by lawful and fair means
  • is used for a lawful purpose
  • is collected with consent.

We will also ensure that the purpose for the collection of material is made clear. Where information has been obtained from a third party we will verify that it has been obtained by lawful and fair means.

When personal information is given to Vision Australia, it will not be released unless the law requires it or your permission is given.

Working with children

Vision Australia is here for your family during all of your child's life stages. From birth to their first steps, to starting school and finding their first after-school job, to kick-starting their career or studying at university. 

We’re committed to the welfare of every child we support. 

We deliver our services in a safe environment where children are respected and empowered to develop the skills they need to live the life they choose. We have zero tolerance for any actions that may impact the safety and wellbeing of a child and any concerns related to the delivery of our services are treated seriously and in accordance with our stringent policies and procedures.

Find out more about how Vision Australia supports children to live a full and inclusive life.

Complaints and suggestions for improvement

Vision Australia values complaints as a powerful means of feedback from its clients and members of the community. We are committed to being open and responsive to all feedback.

Complaints are handled in a timely, impartial, professional and confidential manner.

Other organisations you might like to contact to provide feedback can be found on page 14 of the client information booklet (Word, 545KB).

Wellbeing, health and safety

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If you feel that your privacy has been violated or would like further details about Vision Australia's policies, please contact us.