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Are you using a vocal sound that's not only disempowering but may be costing you a promotion at work? If you want to sound competent, attractive, confident, and trustworthy, you'll want to fix this bad vocal habit. If you need to sound like a leader in business, or at work, or even with your kids, then this video series is for you.

Elisa James is an award-winning international performer with more than 30 years’ experience worldwide as an entertainer, speaker and singer. Elisa was a full-time performer for thirty years, combining teaching with performing for the past twenty.

Elisa has taught workshops, seminars and private voice sessions in Australia, Europe, and the USA using her signature course entitled HAPSS – the Holistic Approach to Public Speaking and Singing. Her passion is for people to feel confident and assertive, both at work and at home when it is needed to good, open communication. This is a great voice tip for you.

What can you do?

  1. Elisa offers a complimentary voice consultation session to clients who are looking to work on their voice and delivery. You can sign up to her 20 minute session via her website, HAPSS Voicepro.
  2. Think about three people who you trust. Record yourself speaking in your normal voice and ask these people to give you honest feedback. What are some ways you can help to change aspects of your voice to better set you up for success?
  3. Elisa has developed another video specifically for Vision Australia clients, you can listen to this here.
  4. Vision Australia has Speech Pathologists who can assist you with your speaking skills.  You can see options on how you can connect with us through our webpage or by calling 1300 84 74 66.