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Early learnings 

These initial experiences are so important for children, as they’re born learners. We’re here to support you in finding the best opportunities and services to help your child develop, grow and flourish at every milestone. 

How we work with you 

Your family will have a dedicated primary service provider. They’ll work with you to develop a customised support plan. This includes setting goals, regularly checking your progress and making adjustments to aid your child’s development. 

In collaboration with a team of health professionals, we can help you better understand your child’s vision and tailor services and products to them. 

We can teach you new ways of learning so your child can grow and develop at a pace that suits them.  

How this can help 

Knowledge is power. The more you understand your child’s vision, the more confident and supported you’ll feel when it comes to making decisions and creating the best environment for them as they grow. We can help you adjust to new ways of supporting your child to learn, grow, reach developmental milestones, and get around.  

  • Help developing fine and gross motor skills, communication skills and social development.
  • Strategies for teaching personal care like toilet training, dressing and bathing.
  • Helping children explore life skills through play – like taking turns and sharing.
  • Developing early literacy skills including introduction to braille and using a brailler.
  • Enjoying story time with the Feelix Library. Reading stories together, and strengthening the family bonds.
  • Assisting children to recognise feelings without seeing expressions or gestures. Helping them take social cues in other ways.
  • Creating a space where children can explore objects, textures and shapes. Opening up their world through touch and other senses.

How this can help 

  • Support as you learn exciting new ways for your child to hit those important early milestones. 
  • Encourages your child’s learning and growth. Helps them to build confidence, friendships and create unique learning opportunities. 

  • Providing advice to educational staff about your child’s vision so they can provide the best learning opportunities for your child in a safe way.
  • Helping children with orientation in new environments.
  • Working with staff to make sure that your child has a safe transition and feels included.

How this can help 

Helping children feel confident gives them a sense of belonging. Empowering them to feel part of their friendship groups and community is vital. We collaborate with parents and educators to ensure children feel safe and secure.

  • Advice, strategies and support to help you understand your child’s needs.  
  • Learn to advocate for your child in a variety of situations.  
  • Strategies to help your children develop at a pace that best suits them.  

How this can help 

You are your child's most vocal cheerleader. With coaching, support and useful strategies, you can also be an amazing advocate. This will help you guide your child towards living an independent life.

Other resources

Alternative format materials

Cost effective services to provide accessible materials to children who experience print disability, including printing braille children's books. 

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"Things like speech therapy and occupational therapy have made a huge difference."

— David, parent of Jack, a Vision Australia client

Helping Jack find his path

Real stories

David and Sonia say they were “floored” when they discovered their son Jack had ocular albinism. They found out about his vision condition at eight weeks old and he had no vision at all until he was over one year old.  

“As a parent you have all these hopes and wishes they’ll do what you do. But you find out very quickly that no kid does what you do, they all find their own paths in life.” 

“The support (from Vision Australia) has been everything. Things like speech therapy and occupational therapy have made a huge difference.”

Read Jack’s story

Technology and products

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The latest tech can help with everything from getting around to reading and writing.

Frequently asked questions

Vision Australia offers a wide choice in how services are delivered. Services can be delivered as individual sessions or group sessions, face-to-face in your home or community or at your nearest Vision Australia office. Services may also be delivered online or via phone. 

Services from Vision Australia incur a fee. There are several ways you can fund services, supports and products for your child. Vision Australia can support you every step of the way with your child's funding application. Speak with us on 1300 84 74 66 to find out more. 

Our team of experts work in partnership with you and your child to ensure your family understands your child's vision condition. We work with you to help proactively identify opportunities to support your child's learning and development so you feel confident in your conversations in education settings about your child's needs. We also facilitate a free online parent community where you can share your experiences and learn from others, as well as parent/guardian groups to provide an informal opportunity to meet other families, socialise and share or learn new skills such as making tactile books.