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Your child’s team of experts

A team of paediatric experts trained in unique strategies for blindness and low vision, in the one place, working together with you.  

Assess your child’s skills and need for training to develop specific technology skills that will enable them to independently access information across a range of environments. 

Support your child and family to work through the emotional impact having a child who is blind or has low vision may have on relationships and the family. They work with you to develop strategies and confidence to help talk about their vision condition in every day environments and assist with emotional support. 

Educators who work with families and others to help meet the child’s unique social, emotional and educational needs of a child. They will work with you to encourage early literacy, transitions to early childhood education settings, such as childcare and preschool, as well as the big step to formal education.  

*Available only in Victoria 

Supports new families to access funding and works with you to tailor the supports to start early intervention. 

Help your child participate in the everyday such as self-care, education, and social activities, to foster independence. 

Work with you and your child to develop skills that allow them to independently and safely navigate in the home, school and community. They conduct environmental assessments in the preschool, school and community to identify equipment/technology skills training that will enable your child to travel independently in these environments.

Conduct vision assessments and help you understand your child’s vision. They can also do lighting assessments and recommend low vision magnification aids to assist with everyday activities.

Help your child develop confidence to move with coordination and balance, build their strength, posture and agility. 

Identify developmental and educational needs and help your child develop positive behaviour and learning skills. 

Help develop your child’s communication, language and social skills.