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When someone you love is diagnosed with blindness or low vision, we understand it can affect those close to them. It’s common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do next. This information covers the types of emotional, practical and financial supports on offer to you and the person living with a vision condition.   

As a family member, parent or friend of someone with a vision condition, the way you support your loved one may vary over time and could involve:   

  • Supporting them to connect with emotional support. 
  • Working alongside health professionals to support your loved one to reach their goals.   
  • Being a sounding board as your loved one adapts to the changes that come with a vision condition.   
  • Helping them with daily tasks such as getting to appointments, managing finances, shopping, etc.  
  • Working. 
  • Understanding the services available to support your child to live independently now and in the future.  

Whatever your role is, we’re ready to support you and your loved one. 

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