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10 Sep 2020
Thousands of people with poor eyesight will benefit from the extension of a NSW Government program providing free glasses and vision aids to disadvantaged people.
07 Sep 2020
For people who are blind or have low vision, finding employment can be challenging due to systemic issues like inaccessible workplaces, employer attitudes and unconscious bias, but as Vision Australia client Olga said, it’s all about accessing the right support from the right people.
04 Sep 2020
COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways. It has changed the way we socialise, the way we engage with each other, and has added a level of overall uncertainty. This is especially true for those who are jobseeking.
03 Sep 2020
The introduction to braille music has led Jordie down a brilliant career path including professional singing, teaching braille music and transcribing print music to braille music.
03 Sep 2020
Vision Australia is encouraging health professionals to better understand the importance and availability of specialist services for people who are blind or have low vision across metropolitan Sydney.
01 Sep 2020
There was cause for celebration recently at Vision Australia, as national audio description coordinator Michael Ward celebrated 20 years with the organisation.
24 Aug 2020
Seven months working at Vision Australia, through the organisation’s Career Start program, has set 28 year old Brooke up with a role at Medibank.
21 Aug 2020
Vision Australia’s audio description team have created an accessible program guide that covers the weekly schedule of audio described programs on ABC and SBS.
19 Aug 2020
People who are blind or have low vision will be able to enjoy free Aira access across the Sydney Trains network until the end of 2020.
14 Aug 2020
Vision Australia is often contacted by universities and PhD students looking to connect to people who are blind or have low vision to participate in research.