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Helping you live independently 

Feeling safe and comfortable in your home is important. Our team of experts are here to help you feel more independent, wherever you live. There's also a wide range of specialised technology available to make everyday tasks easier. 

You might need to make a few alterations around the place, like changes to the lighting or using labels. You might also have to take new approaches to cooking or cleaning. We’re here to support you to do things safely and confidently.

Around the home

There’s a lot of support available to help you live more independently. Here’s a few of the things we can help with:

Our team of experts can assist with: 

  • Techniques and strategies for moving around your home. 
  • Finding new ways to do everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and organising your home. 
  • Support and training to use technology for a range of tasks. These can include online shopping, internet bill paying, online banking and booking a holiday. 

How this can help 

  • Feeling organised at home is a great way to feel more confident and independent in your life.   
  • Navigate your home with ease and take advantage of online resources. You’ll be on your way to living independently.

  • Learn about personal presentation hacks. Look your best when you want to go out and about or for important occasions and job interviews. 
  • Getting social online. Learn how to use computers, smartphones and social media to stay connected to those dear to you. 

How this can help 

  • Looking good makes us feel good! It can also make you happier and more confident.  
  • Embracing the online community helps you engage with the wider world. Connect with like-minded people as well as those with shared experiences.

  • This can be as simple as doing a ‘home audit’ to check for trip hazards, and other obstacles. 
  • Personal alarms and home security. Could be vital to ensuring your safety and putting you at ease in your home. 

How this can help 

Make sure where you live suits your needs. With a few simple adjustments to your home, you can feel more confident and secure. 

Meet the experts

Occupational therapist 

Can assess what someone is capable of doing, and assist them to do things they may find difficult. Occupational therapists break down barriers through the use of specialist devices and training. 

Orientation and mobility specialist 

Specialists in helping people who are blind or have low vision safely navigate the world. 

Access Technology Specialist 

These professionals specialise in recommending and training people to use accessible technology and products that suit their needs. 

Norma sits at a table with a cup of tea, smiling and socialising with others.

“With professional help from Vision Australia’s team, I soon felt comfortable in my own home.”

— Norma, Vision Australia client

Norma’s castle on King Island

Real stories

For Norma, sudden vision loss first impacted her ability to climb the stairs at home. “You walk in from the sunlight and the top is full of light but the bottom is completely dark,” she says. “The first few times I just started walking and fell over. I thought, ‘Wow, how did I do that?’ I just didn’t see the stairs.” 

But with professional help from Vision Australia’s team, Norma was soon comfortable in her own home. She was even brave enough to move to King Island, a remote part of Tasmania. 

“My main concern was that I wouldn’t have the infrastructure and support that I had on mainland Australia. But I’ve learnt that when you explain you have a disability, people go out of their way to accommodate and support me,” Norma says.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, services provided by Vision Australia incur a cost. There are several ways you can fund the support, services and products you need. Speak with us about your funding options on 1300 84 74 66. 

Our team of experts will work with you to increase your confidence using technology and to explore assistive technology tailored to your goals. 

Our team of experts will work with you to achieve your goal, whether that’s cooking for yourself, your family or hosting a dinner party for friends.