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Vision Australia is a proud reseller of the Supernova software range.

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Supernova is a screen magnifier and/or screen reader, delivering supreme access to Windows.

It is available in four editions to suit different client’s needs. Suitable for Windows tablets, laptops and desktops.

Magnification and Screen Reading you can rely on.

At work. At home. In education.

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The SuperNova range of assistive technology delivers the best combination of magnification, speech and braille for Windows computers.

SuperNova is easy to install, and enables people who are blind, have low vision or partial sight to read the information on their computer screen in a way that suits them.

With SuperNova, people with visual impairments are empowered to reach their full potential at work, in school and at home.

Choose SuperNova to:

  • Customise magnification, speech and braille
  • Choose from four editions to suit your sight
  • Use on Windows tablets, laptops, PCs and servers
  • Magnify on a touchscreen
  • Access Windows apps, quickly and reliably
  • Read print and presentations
  • connect a camera, scanner or whiteboard
  • Achieve instant magnification on the move with SuperNova USB
  • Browse and download audio books and newspapers from the Vision Australia library
  • Get training and support from accessibility experts


SuperNova Magnifier

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  • Magnify computer screen up to 64 times original size
  • Change and customise colour schemes
  • Intuitive touchscreen magnification
  • Use across multiple screens
  • Connect document cameras to magnify print
  • Includes EasyReader to access the Vision Australia library
  • Focus highlighting and custom mouse pointers aid navigation

SuperNova Magnifier & Speech

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All the features listed in SuperNova Magnifier, plus:

  • Clear, human-sounding voices
  • Announces all visible text on screen
  • Reads aloud electronic documents, web pages and emails
  • Connect a scanner to read printed documents aloud with OCR

SuperNova Magnifier & ScreenReader

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All features listed in SuperNova Magnifier and Magnifier & Speech, plus:

  • Complete screen reader
  • Announces punctuation, spelling and functions on screen
  • Describes controls and their state, e.g. selected checkboxes, visited links
  • Describes heading levels to aid navigation
  • Supports refreshable braille lines for braille input and output
  • Enables keyboard navigation of web pages and other applications

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Supernova packaging
SuperNova packaging