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Succeeding in the workplace 

Be the best you can be in your chosen field. Be confident about breaking down any barriers. Find your dream job and thrive at work. We can help with education resources or workplace training.

Education and career development

From studying at uni or preparing for the workforce to helping you navigate your workplace after a vision condition diagnosis, we offer a range of services to help you succeed:  

  • Books, music or academic papers can be converted to an accessible format that suits you. 
  • Help with orientation or technology training for university, TAFE or another educational facility. 
  • Practical help getting organised for tertiary and higher education.  

How this can help 

You’ll feel more prepared – confident that you’re able to learn all the knowledge you need to succeed in your work or study.

  • Help to access the best platforms available to find the right job. 
  • Help with writing your CV and setting up social media channels. 
  • Help in presentation and preparation for when it’s time for a job interview. 

How this can help 

You can have a fulfilling work life and achieve all you want from your career. We can give you the guidance and confidence to find the right job. Then nail the interview and enter your new workplace knowing you’re the best candidate.

  • Help with accessibility in your current workplace. 
  • An assessment of your technology needs and how to access the funding to purchase the products/ technology. 
  • The relevant training or assistance to work from home. 
  • Help to travel to and from work. 

How this can help 

We’ve got your back. With helpful advice and the latest tech, we're here to make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed in your current workplace.

Meet the experts

Employment consultants 

Professionals who are trained to assist and match candidates who are blind or have low vision with jobs.

Orientation and mobility specialist 

Helping people who are blind or have low vision safely navigate education facilities and campuses, workplaces and travel routes with tools  such as a white cane.

Access Technology Specialist 

Specialists in training people who are blind or have low vision to use a variety of accessible technology and products available.

What's next

Explore our success stories

Hear from those who Vision Australia has supported through their employment journey. 

“He helped me get in contact with a company I’d worked for indirectly for many years. Then told them about the adjustments they could make so I could do the job.” 

— James, Vision Australia client

Helping James keep his job

Real stories

James lives with retinitis pigmentosa. His challenge as a health and safety officer was staying in his chosen field when his vision deteriorated.  

“I understand in my industry people might be worried about employing me. Because if something goes wrong on a worksite everyone is going to be worried about me,” he says.  

James reached out to Vision Australia and was teamed with an employment consultant. They helped him with resume writing and applying for jobs. They also showed him how to explain to employers the financial support available when hiring someone who is blind or has low vision. 

Read James’ story

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Frequently asked questions

From funding to how we can support you to stay in your job, explore answers to your most frequently asked questions.