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In all areas of life, Australians make important decisions based on the information available to them. However many Australians will face challenges with inaccessible print information. In order for your business to reach the widest audience your communication strategy needs to be inclusive and accessible.

Vision Australia can help you develop a communication strategy that integrates accessibility to deliver a superior result on campaigns and projects.

Where to start

Firstly, ensure your printed communications are as legible as possible for as many people as possible.

Secondly, make sure your communications, where possible, are written in plain English.

Print and online strategies will then take into account the need for alternate format materials, such as braille, large print, audio or electronic text and load accessible documents on your organisation’s website. Communication strategies that include choice in the way information is delivered will ensure people with a print disability are not inadvertently excluded and will also reach a larger audience in a more effective way.

How we can help you

We can assist you to develop a clear communication strategy or help you tailor your strategies to meet the specific needs of a campaign. Our print accessibility consultants can advise on promotion and distribution strategies to reach people with a print disability effectively.  We can also produce alternate format materials as required.

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