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How does it work?

Before entering the theatre you collect a small radio receiver and single earpiece.  After having witnessed the show several times in preparation, highly skilled Vision Australia audio describers transmit the AD live from a sound booth within the theatre. The signal has wide coverage within the theatre so regardless of where you sit you can still receive the AD. The receiver has a volume control you can adjust to suit your comfort level.

Is there an additional cost?

No, an audio described ticket will not cost you any more than a regular ticket, simply mention audio description when booking your tickets so a receiver can be allocated to you on the day of the performance. Each person in your group who is blind or has low vision will need their own audio description headset – so remember to book enough for one per person.

Where do I collect the receiver?

Vision Australia will have a stand within the foyer from 40 minutes prior to the show’s commencement. On your way out, simply drop the receiver back to the same point.

Can I use my own headphones?

Yes, the receivers accommodate the standard mini jack connection, the same as a mobile phone.

Can I use my Companion Card?

Yes, This will get you two tickets for the price of one to allow someone to accompany you for free. Contact Vision Australia if you need more information about registering for a Companion Card.

Pre show notes

In the days leading up to the AD performance, preshow notes are prepared and circulated describing the set design, the many visual attributes of the characters and their clothing as well as many other rich insights that complement the AD

Tactile tours

For some audio described performances, a pre-show ‘tactile tour’ will be available to give you a hands on look at the props, set and costumes used in the performance prior to the show starting. This will give you an even better idea of what is happening on stage. You can check if a tactile tour is scheduled and how to reserve a spot when booking your tickets.

To receive up to the minute information about new AD shows and to receive pre show notes email [email protected] to join the AD mailing list.

Upcoming performances

Visit the events page for upcoming audio described performances.