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Navigating the world with confidence 

From commuting to your local social club and going to the shops, to meeting friends in the city and travelling the world.   

Wherever you want to go, however you want to move. Whether it’s with a mobility cane or a Seeing Eye Dog – we know how important it is for you to get around independently. We’ve got a team of experts to help. 

Moving on up 

We offer services to help you travel with confidence. These range from learning to use a white cane to feeling confident to travel the world. 

  • Learn to use your chosen navigation device at your own pace. 
  • Travelling on public transport. Finding a large print timetable or learning to use the audio announcement system. 

How this can help 

If you can find your way around the world then there is very little that can stop you. Getting to your local cafe, socialising or getting access to in-person services. We can open up the possibilities for you to get out and about.

  • Feel confident to travel, whether it's in your local community, interstate or overseas. 
  • Use your navigation devices to travel around your community. 
  • Develop strategies for visiting busy one-off locations like events and functions. 

How this can help 

By helping you navigate more dynamic environments, you can experience amazing new opportunities.

This can help you travel far and wide. Whether it’s further across your community, to more places in Australia or even overseas.

A Seeing Eye Dog can enable you to stay independent and increase your mobility. They can also make an amazing companion. 

These highly trained dogs are matched carefully to their owners. We provide training to help you work together as a team in and out of home. 

How this can help 

Your Seeing Eye Dog will support you to travel at your own pace, navigating obstacles reliably and safely. They can assist you at home, out and about and even in the workplace.

Creating a strong bond with your Seeing Eye Dog can improve mental health, wellbeing and physical fitness. 

Meet the experts

Orientation and mobility specialist 

Specialists in helping people who are blind or have low vision safely navigate the world with strategies and tools such as a white cane. 

Access Technology Specialist 

These professionals specialise in recommending and training people to use accessible technology and products suited to their needs. 

Seeing Eye Dog instructor 

Instructors work closely with clients to match the right dog with the right person. They stay in regular contact with clients, so they can continue working safely and successfully with their dog. 

Mick, tethered to a guide, running along a path

“It just comes down to attitude in life, on how to approach things and deal with challenges.”

— Mick, Vision Australia client

Mick surfs the waves of vision loss

Real stories

Paddling out on the Queensland bay still brings the same joy to Mick Schuddinh as it did when he could see. “Sport keeps you positive,” he told Vision Australia Radio. “It’s a wonderful thing, the endorphins that you get from exercise are so invigorating and uplifting. “That’s what life offers you when you get out and do things.”

The 67-year-old para-triathlete isn’t the type to stop an activity when an obstacle comes his way. Diagnosed with the hereditary eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa and losing the majority of his sight, Mick had to adapt.

Retiring from his job as a financial advisor, he retrained to help others. As a remedial masseuse, Mick runs his own business and has time for a triathlon or two. “There’s always something waiting to replace that sport, hobby or occupation that can make you happy,” he said. “It just comes down to attitude in life, on how to approach things and deal with challenges.”

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, services provided by Vision Australia incur a cost. There are several ways you can fund the support, services and products you need including My Aged Care and Home Care Packages. In some circumstances, a service will require a minimal client contribution. 

There are a number of options when it comes to supports to get out and about including ID canes, a Seeing Eye Dog, technology solutions and a white cane. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for you. 

If your loved one is experiencing low vision, you can submit a family enquiry or call Vision Australia on 1300 84 74 66. Please ask your loved one's permission before contacting us.