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Key dates

  • Registrations close: TBD
  • Program starts: February 2025
  • Program ends: November 2025
  • Individual meetings: one session per month booked between Service Provider and family
  • Group meetings: one evening per month

More details available in this monthly breakdown of the program.

Program delivery

Individual sessions are delivered by a Vision Australia Service Provider via Telehealth (Zoom).

LEAP’s team of Service Providers include a variety of disciplines, including Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Orthoptists, Speech Pathologists, Counsellors, and Orientation and Mobility Specialists.

Time commitment per month

90-minute one-on-one monthly sessions with a Vision Australia Service Provider.

1 x 60-minute group monthly meeting with fellow LEAP 2025 participants and Vision Australia Group Facilitators.

The program is designed to work outside of school hours.


A LEAP-Mini session is a short, 30-60-minute, ‘taster’ session.

The LEAP-Mini is designed to simulate a typical session in the LEAP program  The LEAP-Mini is an opportunity for your child to try out the program free of charge to decide if LEAP is a good fit for their goals and interests. It is also an opportunity for LEAP to determine if your child has the skills they need to participate in the LEAP program in 2025. All young people applying to participate in LEAP 2025 are required to complete a "LEAP-Mini" session. 

The LEAP-Mini includes activities that are very similar to what they will experience in the LEAP program.

It is also an opportunity answer all LEAP-related questions you and your child have.

The LEAP-Mini is conducted on Zoom with a LEAP-Mini session facilitator, LEAP 2025 applicant, and a parent or guardian.


Monthly meetings with service provider and group facilitator are billable and can be charged to your NDIS package. Download LEAP Program 2025 NDIS Information for more detail.

LEAP will have an individual meeting with you to determine your circumstances and needs and suitable funding stream.


We all know independence, leadership, and employability are important skills to have, but how do we get them?

In LEAP we push our young people out of their comfort zone and support them to take on the challenge of learning these important life skills. LEAP helps our young people to achieve this by getting them to channel their creativity to design their own fundraising project. They take on the challenge of designing, implementing, and being accountable to their fundraising goal.

Fundraising can be a daunting activity but with the support of Vision Australia, our LEAP participants have seen huge successes in their fundraisers – many achieving well beyond what they expected they could do.

Mentor conversation

As a young person we are searching all around us to find our passion – what activity do we want to focus on, how do we want to spend our time, what are we working to achieve, what are our long term goals? Sometimes we already know what is it, and sometimes we can’t quite put our finger on it.

In LEAP our young people explore these topics by delving into their personality type and what careers inspire them.

During the program they have an incredible opportunity to speak to a mentor who has professional experience in the career field that our young person is interested in.

These mentor conversations are inspiring, insightful, and full of specialised knowledge that gives our young people first-hand insight into the career they’re interested in.

The goal of our mentor conversations is to really give them the boost to take on their career goals with gusto.

Vision Australia LEAP Camp

Vision Australia’s LEAP Camp is a capacity building immersive experience for LEAP participants to meet, live, and collaborate with each other in an exciting three day camp. Campers will be living in a house located in Kensington, Victoria, where they will be able to develop daily living skills, learn about themselves and from each other.  

The camp includes activities that are specific to vision impaired young people, including Occupational Therapy, Adaptive Technology, Orientation and Mobility, social skills, team building, problem solving, and learning about the possibilities of work and meaningful participation.

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights


Capacity Building: Daily Living (including overnight fees of $528): $3143.73

Downloadable information

Vision Australia LEAP 2024 NDIS Information

Vision Australia LEAP 2024 Program Information

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