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Vision Australia would like to thank those who generously support the Further Education Bursaries.

2012 Vision Australia Further Education Bursary recipients

Congratulations to all recipients on their outstanding achievements and to the generous supporters who are helping them to achieve their goals.



  • Madeline Seiter
  • Lorraine McAloney
  • Elizabeth Green
  • James Tate
  • Mathew Mirabella
  • Caren Burns
  • Carrie Jennings
  • Macaulay Jones
  • Johanna Heaven
  • Colin Thomas


New South Wales


  • Parimaher Sirayanyong
  • Benney Au
  • Karen Pritchard
  • Bruce Blackshaw






  • Michaeli Evans
  • Judith Williams
  • Fallon Evans
  • Jake Fehlberg
  • Warrick Gage
  • Toni Pearce
  • Metin Bag


Thank you to our sponsors

We would like to sincerely thank our supporters for making a difference by sponsoring the Vision Australia Further Education Bursaries. Their generous contributions help to lift the barriers that could otherwise prevent people who are blind or have low vision from following their chosen career paths.