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Typography in Inclusive Design

View the video of Typography in Inclusive Design with presenter Jacinta Oakley - our free lunchtime webinar held on February 24, 2022. 

Jacinta demonstrates an introduction to typography with an inclusive design lens and explores best practice considerations for typography in inclusive design, including why we need to go above and beyond WCAG.

Mobile App Accessibility

View the video of Mobile App Accessibility with guest presenter Simon Smiley-Andrews from ARQ - our free lunchtime webinar held on October 28, 2021.

Simon demonstrates an easy-to-use set of recommendations that will simplify your inclusive implementation having far reaching consequences in your product lifecycle.

What's Coming in WCAG 2.2?

View the video of What's coming in WCAG 2.2 with Matt Putland - our free lunchtime webinar held on September 23, 2021.

A new version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is expected to be released in the coming weeks or months. Matt discusses the new selection criteria in WCAG 2.2.

Inclusive Usability Testing

View the video of Inclusive Usability Testing with Ben Gilmore - our free lunchtime webinar held on August 12, 2021.

Ben chats about why inclusive design is important, how usability testing adds best practice guidelines that go beyond WCAG, and why our aim should be to produce an easy and pleasurable web experience for everyone to use.

Accessible Social Media

View the video of Accessible Social Media with Rosie Luscombe - our free lunchtime webinar held on July 1, 2021.

The webinar provides information on accessibility and inclusion for anyone who posts on social media, including social media managers and content creators.

When posting on social media, there are many things to consider; what does my audience want to see? Does it align with our style guides? Have I checked my spelling, punctuation and research?

But, importantly; you should also ask yourself if your content is accessible to all audiences.

Web Accessibility Testing Tools

View the video of Web Accessibility Test Tools with Matt Putland.

Matt invites you to come along and learn about testing tools and approaches the team uses in finding accessibility issues on websites.

All tools shown will be free to use, and will allow anyone to conduct their own preliminary investigation into the accessibility of a website. Some tools we intend to cover include: Keyboard testing, NVDA Screen reader, axe and Microsoft Insights for Web.

Designing for Everyone - An Introduction to Inclusive Design

View the video of Designing for Everyone - An Introduction to Inclusive Design with Josh Crawford - our first webinar of 2021, held on February 25.

Did you know that when we design for people with disabilities we often end up benefiting everyone? Or by factoring in the needs of people with disabilities we can future-proof our designs for unpredictable circumstances like COVID-19?

In this webinar we look at what inclusive design is and how to get started with it in your organisation.

Digital Accessibility - Your questions answered

You can view the video of Digital Accessibility - Your questions answered with special guests: Alex Bey, David Woodbridge, Bruce Maguire and the Digital Access panel through our YouTube channel. 

This month we answer your burning accessibility questions: if you would like to know more about best practice examples for inclusive design or pdf tables; what's next in the world of assistive technology or how to test your native app; supporting persons with disability in the workplace or strategies for embedding inclusion in your organisation, we have it covered. 

Digital Accessibility, the Law and You

You can view the video of Digital Accessibility, the Law and You with special guest Laura Cottam through our YouTube channel. 

Special guest Laura Cottam from The Australian Centre for Disability Law and Digital Access' Senior Accessibility Consultant, Matt Putland answered questions about the laws surrounding Digital Accessibility and how to ensure complaints are heard.  

Back to the Future: how far has digital accessibility really come?

You can view the video of Back to the Future: how far has digital accessibility really come, with special guest David Woodbridge through our YouTube channel.  

David is the National Access Technology Advisor for the Vision Store; he shares his technical knowledge and his lived experience as a screen reader user.

In addition, David has a regular Talking Tech program (since 2013), which can be heard every Tuesday at 4:30 AEST on Vision Australia Radio Melbourne. Stories supporting the program can be accessed on the Talking Tech blog at http://talkingtech.podbean.com.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day - 21 May 2020

Thursday, 21 May 2020 marked the ninth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).

It's our 20th Anniversary this year and we had a double celebration in conjunction with Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).
Our special guest, Bruce Maguire, talked about the changes we've seen over the past 20 years, and our predictions for the future of Digital Accessibility.

Digital Access free lunchtime event

Document Accessibility

When: 12pm (AEDST) Friday, April 17.

The panel featured our document experts:

  • Alex Bey - Document Accessibility Specialist - Tagged PDF
  • Matt Putland - Digital Accessibility Consultant

Diamond - Free Webinar - April 17, 2020

Panel members included:

  • Joe Devon (moderator) - Co-Founder of Diamond & Global Accessibility Awareness Day
  • Charlii Parker - Digital Accessibility Consultant, Vision Australia
  • Makoto Ueki - Web Accessibility Consultant, Infoaxia
  • Patrick Dunphy - Digital Accessibility Program Manager, CBC/Radio-Canada 
  • Irene Mbari-Kirika - Executive Director, inABLE

Vision Australia's Digital Access invites you to join us for lunch (virtually)

With an unprecedented number of people working from home and many with an equally unprecedented amount of spare time on their hands. Now is a perfect time to brush up on some old skills, learn some new ones, or to find out the answer for questions that have been on your mind for a while.

Digital Access is offering FREE online Q&A sessions via Zoom conferencing to answer your burning questions on digital usability and accessibility.

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