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  • Date:24 Jul 2024

  • Time:01:00pm - 02:00pm

  • Location: Online

Event Description

The Vision Australia Library is excited to announce our upcoming In Conversation will feature Australian writer Les Pobjie, accompanied by his equally talented children Ben Pobjie and Emily Maguire.

David Tredinnick from the Vision Australia Library will interview Les, Ben and Emily, to discover the collaborative journey that resulted in Les’ latest novel “Whispers in Empty Rooms: Death Through a Glass Darkly”.

This is a free online event.

About Ben, Emily and Les Pobjie 

What happens when you grow up with ink in your veins?  You forge your own careers in the world of publishing! 

Ben Pobjie and Emily Maguire grew up surrounded by newspapers.  Their father, Les Pobjie, was a journalist and editor across regional Queensland, Brisbane and Sydney.  As a family, they have cumulatively published over 30 books and countless newspaper articles. 

Les Pobjie is an accomplished writer, with an inspiring journey from newspaper editor to author.  His latest novel “Whispers in Empty Rooms: Death Through a Glass Darkly” was released in January this year and was truly a family project. 

Les thought it would be impossible for him to write this latest novel, having progressively lost sight in his right eye over the past five years and finally losing sight in his left eye two years ago. However, with the help of his family, Les wrote his 78,000-word mystery novel entirely by dictation.   

David Tredinnick, popular narrator of books within the Vision Australia Library, will interview Les Pobjie in the company of two of Les’ children, both accomplished writers in their own right.  We will speak to Ben Pobjie, who transcribed his father’s novel, and Emily Maguire, who assisted in copy editing and publishing of “Whispers in Empty Rooms”.  Together, they will share details of the journey that led to the publishing of Les Pobjie’s latest novel.  

The Library has multiple books available from our upcoming guests. Including Les Pobjie’s latest novel Whispers in empty rooms: whispers through a glass darkly. Ben Pobjie’s Second best: the untold histories of the greatest runners-up. Emily Maguire’s Stella Prize and Miles Franklin shortlisted An Isolated Incident.  


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This is a free online event.

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