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Make the most of your current job

If you are employed and feel that your current job is at risk because of your vision loss, you don’t have to fight on your own. We can help you to advocate for yourself and to put new systems, equipment and skills in place so you can continue in your role. Some workplace support may include:

  • Vision management - such as lighting levels, desk position and set up
  • Training so you can travel safely to and from work and also around the workplace (locating facilities, stairs, lifts and exits)
  • Knowing emergency evacuation procedures
  • New or modified equipment and training so you can perform in your role. Training to also access and independently operate additional workplace equipment, systems and facilities
  • Adapting to the workplace culture, such as establishing working relationships and workplace 'support network', participating in workplace activities
  • Conditions of employment, (such as salary and entitlements in line with offer of employment and industry standards

Co-worker Training

To settle into your workplace and perform your role effectively is it essential to be supported by your employer and co-workers. Vision Australia can help to make this happen.

Training co-workers helps to make them aware of the practicalities of working with someone who is blind or has low vision and provide them with a 'safe environment' to ask questions which they may have been feeling hesitant to ask.

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