You need:

  • Ad hoc or ongoing expert accessibility advice
  • On-site, email, telephone or documented accessibility support
  • Assistance with accessibility knowledge and implementation within your organisation


We can:

  • Provide consultation services by the hour
  • Provide consultation services within a Block of Support arrangement – a block of hours valid for 12 months that can be used for one specific project or many
  • Identify technical accessibility issues and common usability issues for people with a range of disabilities
  • Provide recommendations to ensure functionality and designs are compliant with agreed standards
  • Provide recommendations to ensure compliance with WCAG 2.0

Accessibility Strategy


You need:

  • To factor accessibility into your project plan
  • To reduce the need for retrofitting at later stages


We’ll help you:

  • Define your accessibility goals within a project
  • Outline the activities that need to be conducted
  • Define the resources required for each activity
  • Identify accessibility benefits to encourage stakeholder support
  • Establish a timeline for when the activities need to be conducted
  • Plan how the strategy will be managed throughout the project and after delivery


Accessibility Implementation Plan


You need:

  • To show your organisation’s commitment to accessibility in line with the Disability Discrimination Act and/or Australian Government's Digital Service Standard
  • To demonstrate the actions your organisation will take towards achieving accessibility
  • To document a strategy for reducing the risk of accessibility related discrimination claims


We will:

  • Review current practices and procedures within your organisation
  • Conduct a skills gap analysis
  • Benchmark your organisation’s online resources against WCAG 2.0 or other relevant accessibility standards
  • Identify areas that can be optimised for accessibility, e.g. CMS
  • Develop a sustainable accessibility action plan including areas for improvement and framework for the future


User Engagement Workshop


You need:

  • To identify any usability or accessibility issues during the development stage
  • To find out how any usability or accessibility issues can be resolved
  • To ensure designs will translate into a great user experience for everyone, including people with a range of disabilities


According to your specific project needs, we can:

  • Facilitate collaboration between your designers and developers, and people with various disabilities
  • Gain user feedback via focus groups involving people with various disabilities
  • Identify an appropriate taxonomy for the site
  • Evaluate functional interaction for specific design areas or tasks, e.g. a registration process
  • Define the information architecture via card sorting exercises
  • Provide workable design recommendations 

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