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Battery life in smartphones have come a long way.

This has been especially welcomed by blind and low vision technology users, who can easily plough through their phone’s battery with the use of accessibility tools like Voiceover and magnification.

On this week’s Talking Tech, hosts Stephen Jolly and David Woodbridge discussed battery life on smartphones, particularly on the iPhone.

Normally the advice was to avoid constantly have your device charging because that would harm your battery’s life.

Now, Apple has worked out a new way to salvage their phone’s batteries.

“What happens with the iPhone is it gets to know your going to bed pattern when you put it on charge and your wake-up pattern when you take it off,” David said.

“So what it does it ramps the charge down during the night to save a bit of battery up to 80 per cent, then normally about one hour before you get out of bed and normally take your phone off charge it ramps back up to 100 per cent.

“So by the time you’re ready to go your phone is fully charged.”

David also reviews the new MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 Series, which provides extra battery life to the phone.

Caption: The iPhone 12 with the new MagSafe battery pack. 


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