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“I’m Lachi, a black girl going blind, just trying to stay fabulous.”

That’s how New York based musician Lachi starts most of her YouTube videos.

She’s upfront, and unapologetic, holding her bedazzled white cane in her hand.

This week on Vision Australia Radio’s Studio 1, host Matthew Layton speaks with the musician, writer and activist about her blossoming career.  

Coming off the back of the virtual White Stick Festival in October, Lachi is continuing her work and is about to release new music.

As the Founder of RAMPD, Lachi also advocates for disability inclusion in music and entertainment in the US.

She understands the tightrope of entering a competitive industry and juggling whether to disclose her vision loss.

“I was able to rise through the ranks in music without having my blindness be the reason that people listen to my music,” she told Studio 1.

“But I really did appreciate coming out and saying, ‘hey, you know what? I have a disability and I’m not going to hind behind it, you’re going to know that I have a disability’.”

Moving to New York has also proved fruitful both creatively and personally, as it is one of the more accessible states in the US but also links her to some of the best global artists.

Lachi was recently invited to a writing camp in the city with legendary singer Alicia Keys, which she described as huge honour.

Listen to the full interview in the player below:

Watch Lachi’s Selfish music video:


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