Life hacks

If you have a vision condition, doing the things you’ve always enjoyed is still possible.

Watch the videos below for some of the best tips and tricks our clients have discovered with the support of our experts.




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Play icon over a scene of a woman using a chopping board at the stove top

Watch: Cutting vegetables 

Play icon over a scene of a finger tips touching a braille watch

Watch: Finding out the time 

Watch: Magnifiers


Watch: Hair ties on shampoo

Stickers placed on the oven to show preferred temperature

Watch: Dots

Ben uses an app on his phone to read the label on a can.

Watch: Seeing AI app


Watch: Smartphones


Paul with his welder instructions in braille.

Watch: Power tools

Deena searching for clothes in her cupboard

Watch: Nappy changes

Orange stickers on a microwave.

Watch: Dots on the microwave

Ben holding a white cane.

Watch: Canes

Paul in his lounge room.

Watch: Sleep


Ben colour-coding his keys.

Watch: Keys

Deena in her smart home.

Watch: Smart home

Brittnee searching for her sticker markers on her cupboards.

Watch: Stickers


Want more tips? Speak to our experts

Our orientation and mobility experts and occupational therapists are specifically trained to help people who are blind or have low vision to live independently. They’ll visit you and assess your goals enabling you to still use your home safely and get you out and about again.

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