Help a little star this Christmas!

Meet little Luna, a three-year-old girl who loves The Wiggles, animals and her family. She also loves Christmas.

When Luna was just four months old, her mum, Sarah noticed something was wrong with her sight.

‘She was cross-eyed. Her eyes were shaking, we were really concerned.’

Luna was diagnosed with nystagmus and optic nerve hypoplasia. It means she only has, at best, ten percent vision - there is no cure.

While Luna has vision loss, mum Sarah doesn’t want her little girl to miss out on the chance to realise her dreams and her potential.

This Christmas, you can give the greatest gift of all. Your kind donation will help give children like Luna access to the services they need so they can shine bright like the stars they are destined to be.

Your gift means children like Luna can receive the support they need in the most critical stages of their early development:

  • Literacy and learning. Developing skills and inspiring curiosity, literacy and learning, are essential to early development.
  • MobilityLearning to move with confidence and ease, is the foundation of an independent future.
  • Social SkillsDeveloping self-esteem and an awareness of others and their needs, provides the tools to navigate social environments – like pre-school or school.
  • Child’s developmentEach of the developmental milestones – like reaching, sitting up, speaking and standing – are a sign of healthy development.
  • Early intervention and supportVision Australia supports children with low vision to reach the milestones of early childhood, while building their confidence to live life with low vision.

Your kind donations help children like Luna navigate a world they cannot see. Please will you donate today?

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


How your generosity makes a difference