Demo time: How to access the Vision Australia Library

04 December 2018

There’s some change underway at the Vision Australia Library as the service continues to transition away from CDs.

As of December 20, the VA Library will no longer be providing books on CDs, however Library members will have plenty of options to access library materials including the VA Connect App, 3G and WiFi Daisy players and the soon to be released Envoy Connect Player.

These options might be a little different to how some Library members have accessed materials in the past, so the VA Library Team have put together some handy videos to help people navigate them.

Remember, anyone with a print disability is able to join the Vision Australia Library, regardless of location. For more information contact the library here or call 1300 654 656.

VA Connect App Demonstration

Download the Vision Australia Connect App for your suitable device:

Daisy Player Demonstration

Envoy Connect Player Demonstration

Find out more about the Envoy Connect Player here

How to download Daisy files to USB or SD card