Don't Eat the Whole Elephant: Vision Australia's new mental health and wellbeing podcast

10 October 2018

Dealing with the challenges that blindness and low vision can present is different for every individual and for some that may mean impacts on their mental health and overall wellbeing

On Mental Health Day, Vision Australia is excited to launch a new series of podcasts focussing on mental health and wellbeing from a blindness and low vision perspective.

Hosted by and featuring the lived experiences of people who are blind or have low vision, Don’t Eat the Whole Elephant will feature discussions about mental health, problem solving, the changes that vision loss can bring to your life and a range of other topics focused on wellbeing.

Vision Australia Client Communications Advisor and Don’t Eat the Whole Elephant producer Stella Glorie said the podcast is a great way to make use of the talent available within the Vision Australia community.

“Among our blind and low vision peers, be it clients, staff or volunteers, we have a wealth of information we can make available to the wider community about facing and mental health and wellbeing issues,” Stella said.

“The name comes from one of our participants, Cameron, who shares his approach to his mental health and wellbeing. If you were told to eat an elephant, you wouldn’t take it on in one bite, you’d break it down in to manageable pieces and that’s what Cameron does with his challenges,” she said.

The first three episodes of Don’t Eat the Whole Elephant, focussing on problem solving and the impact exercise can have on mental health are available now (listen here or on the players below) and Stella said there will be a range of different topics covered in coming episodes.

“As soon as we put the call out for people to be involved we had a huge number of responses. It’s something that a lot of people seem to be keen to talk about and be involved in,” she said.

“We’ve got more episodes to come that are covering a number of different topics, but we’re also keen to hear from more people who are blind or have low vision about what sorts of things they would like to hear more about.”

Episode 1: Problem Solving, part 1 – Small Steps

Change is hard and also inevitable.

Courtney and Cameron talk about breaking down a problem and taking small steps in order to achieve goals, how to reach out and ask for help and taking time each day for a small pleasure activity.

Episode 2: I’m Grumpy I Need to Exercise

Whether it be running five kilometres to walking around the block or dancing in the lounge to a favorite song, Nicholas and Jane believe in the mood enhancing effects exercise can bring.

Episode 3: Problem Solving, part 2 – Succeeding in Difficult Circumstances

What can be accomplished when there are so many challenges associated with vision loss? Courtney and Cameron discuss the importance of setting up systems and strategies to get around day-to-day challenges and support our wellbeing.

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