Christine Simpson: 2018 Tammy Axelsen Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

15 June 2018

Christine Simpson is the 2018 recipient of The Tammy Axelsen Lifetime Achievement Award.

Presented by the Roundtable for Information Access, the award recognises people who have made outstanding contributions to the print disability sector.

Christine has served three terms as the chair of the Australian Braille Authority (ABA) and has served over 25 years on the ABA’s national executive.

“I think that braille is more important today than it ever was before,” Christine told Vision Australia Radio’s Talking Vision.

Braille was my method of reading and writing [at school]… There’s a lot more pressure on student today to keep up with the class, to researtcgh and read far more widely,” she said

“As such it’s much more important that a student be able to read for themselves now and the best way for a student to read as most braille users would tell you, is in braille because that’s where your comprehension seems to be much higher.”

You can listen to the rest of Christine’s interview on Talking Vision here or on the player below. Also on this week’s episode is Adam Morris, who moderates a number of email forums on technology especially for people who are blind or have low vision.

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