Best mobile phone for seniors available at Vision Australia

28 March 2018

One of Vision Australia's most popular products, the Olitech Easy Mate+, has been recommended as the best phone for seniors by Australia's leading consumer advocacy group Choice.

In a review of 17 mobile phones for seniors, the Olitech Easy Mate+ achieved the best overall score of 72%. 

Vision Australia Retail Services Manager Andrew Wheeler said the organisation was involved in the design and development of the phone. 

"We worked closely with the manufacturer to develop a mobile phone specially designed to suit people with low vision who need a simple, easy to use phone," he said.

"Part of design process included working with focus groups to hear first-hand what would be best for low vision clients.

"We know that, sometimes, older people and people with low vision find a simple phone specially made for their needs a better option than a smartphone."

The Olitech Easy Mate+ is unlocked to all carriers in Australia and New Zealand and can be used on pre-paid or contracted bring your own phone plans.

Vision Australia also offers clients the opportunity to have a pay as you go plan with VisionTelco. They provide simple, cost effective pay as you go plans that come with technical training and support from Vision Australia.

Features of the Olitech Easy Mate+ include:
•    A simple, easy to use phone;
•    Big button, talking keypad;
•    Large high-contrast numbers;
•    Large LED display; and
•    Programmable SOS emergency call button.

Read the full Choice review here and purchase the Olitech Easy Mate+ for $165 online or at any Vision Australia shop.

The olitech Easy Mate phone showing front, back and sides