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Glory Smith, who is blind, loved the independence of living at home but when aging presented additional challenges, she decided she needed more help.  

For Glory this meant a Home Care Package. And while there was a plethora of providers for her to choose from, as an existing Vision Australia client it felt natural and easy for the 84-year-old to choose us. 

‘It’s common sense – if anybody knows about vision loss it’s Vision Australia. I went where my needs were,’ Glory said. 

‘When I first became legally blind Vision Australia was like a light at the end of the tunnel. There were avenues I never knew existed.’ 

What sets Vision Australia apart?  

Drawing on our expertise in blindness and low vision, we develop packages that offer access to our specialist services, extensive allied health services, and specialised programs to support your use of aids and technology.  

Glory, like all our Home Care Package participants, has been assigned a dedicated care manager who initially worked with her to tailor a package in line her specific needs and goals.  

As part of this, it was ensured the package could be quickly and easily adapted to suit any changing circumstances Glory might have.  

‘I started four years ago on a level two package, which suited me at the time. Over the years though, I realised I needed, and wanted, more assistance. My Care Manager took the time to not only sit and listen, but help,’ Glory said. 

‘As you get older in so many situations you begin to feel either invisible or like a number. With Vision Australia and with my Home Care Package I am an individual.’ 

Glory’s Home Care Package 

Glory’s package includes payment for: 

  • Meals 
  • Security alarms 
  • Taxi cards  
  • Assistive technology  
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Food for her dog guide. 
  • And a range of home assistance installations and aids such as handrails and lift chairs.  

Glory also has access to a wide range of Vision Australia recreational and social programs which support her to be active in the community.   


Enquire today about a Vision Australia Home Care Package 

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