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Being blind or having low vision does not mean that you need to stop doing the things you love. Like cooking. 

Our Vision Store is stocked with a wide range of kitchen gadgets to help yo stay active in the kitchen. New technology and cooking accessibility products have been developed to make your life at home easier. 

In the latest release of our Big Visions book series you will meet Craig Shanahan, a blind chef with big visions. Cooking up a Storm tells the story of his hard work, determination and resilience to follow his professional dreams and succeed. He never allowed his blindness to stop him from cooking up a storm. From a young age he loved being in the kitchen either watching his grandma or helping his mum peel potatoes.


Meet the accessible kitchen

Picture this:

It’s Sunday. The whole family is coming over for a roast lunch just like they always have. It’s time to get cooking and get the spread happening. You begin by baking your signature cake. You reach across and slide over the talking kitchen scales , knowing that by using them you won't put too much flour into the cake. You add the milk to the talking measuring jug  measure your sugar and vanilla and soften your butter in your Colour Coded Measuring Cups, and begin the cake preparation. When it’s time to put it in the oven, pop on your Heat Resistant Gloves and slide the tin in safely.

Don’t forget to set your Tactile Timer

Then it’s time to focus on the meat and vegetables. Use your Non-Slip Food Preparation Board with Raised Edges over the top of your Non-Slip Mat to avoid anything sliding around on the bench and get that lamb on there. Trim away the fat using your Kandokutter Knife to protect your fingers, then marinate that meat and get started on your veg of choice. Those gloves are your best friend when using the oven, don’t forget to put them back on! 

Once your meal prep is complete and everything is roasting and baking away, ask someone to help you set the table, making sure to put a Plate Guard around your setting so you don’t let any of that delicious hard work slide off. Remember to use your Liquid Level Indicator so you don’t need to rely on help pouring your water (or cheeky lunchtime wine) as the meal goes on.

And the final step? Enjoy! 

You have successfully completed cooking, serving and enjoying your family meal, independently and confidently. Now it’s time to relax, listen to the grandkids playing in the backyard and enjoy a game of Braille Uno while having wonderful conversation with your loved ones. 

"A woman pours a kettle into a cup using a mat and liquid thermometer mentioned in the article."
After cooking, kick back with a cuppa!

Just because life has changed when you are blind or have low vision, it does not mean that you need to stop doing the things you love. Craig Shanahan certainly never did. You can purchase a copy of his book here