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This week Stella Glorie caught up with writer and stand-up comedian Jennifer Wong, whose show “No Peripheral Vision” is currently touring around Australia.

Jennifer lives with retinitis pigmentosa and has always enjoyed a pun. This was one of the motivating factors behind the name of her stand-up show which featured at the recent Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Her lived experience has made Jennifer think about the way she sees the world, and she speaks openly about how sometimes she ‘doesn’t see the full picture’ in more ways than one.

“It was just a nice way to be able to say to people this is what it’s like to see the world from my perspective, and my perspective is that I have RP and I am not very good at reading social situations!” Jennifer said.

For Jennifer her journey with retinitis pigmentosa is still quite new and she is discovering new things every day about the condition, but also the importance of raising awareness of retinitis pigmentosa within the general public is not lost on her.

“I think the more people who talk about it in a way that means it’s accessible for everyone to understand what various things people live with the better.

“It’s important for people to get the normality of the fact that these are things people live with and everyone has different challenges each day as we go and navigate the world,” she said.

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