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Vision Australia’s Digital Access team was thrilled to recently work with Learnosity, an Irish-based education technology company, to support their commitment to designing accessible products and services that meet the needs of people with disability.

The Digital Access team supported Learnosity with expert advice around designing accessible products and services, as well as facilitating user testing with people with disability.

“We’re trying to raise the bar for inclusivity in assessment and learning,” Michael Sharman, Learnosity’s SVP of Product, said.

“But accessibility isn’t just difficult, it’s really difficult . By partnering with Vision Australia, we’ve gained invaluable insights which will help us design better learning experiences for disabled users. Accessibility is a never-ending journey, but we’re committed to staying on the path.”

Josh Crawford, Vision Australia manager Digital Access, applauded Learnosity’s approach to accessibility and their commitment to including people with disability in their design process.

“Accessibility is often considered an add-on, rather than something that should be considered from the outset. Learnosity have taken the correct approach by making it a priority from the beginning,” Josh said.

“One of the things that has been really pleasing about working with Learnosity was their enthusiasm to involve people with disability and undertake user testing with them.

“Designing accessible products, services and systems needs to be about more than just ticking boxes. It’s important that organisations and designers understand that the features that make something accessible are integrated so the final product also delivers a positive user experience."