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Talking Vision is Vision Australia Radio’s flagship program, discussing the latest news and issues from a blindness and low vision perspective.

On the show this week we hear from ophthalmologist Dr Nathan Kerr and orthoptist Renata de Lazzari as they join Sam for World Glaucoma Week running from March 12 to 18.

One of the major messages of World Glaucoma Week is to encourage members of the public to get their eyes tested.

Nathan emphasised it’s crucial for people to get tested regularly for glaucoma, especially before they notice changes in their vision.

“In the early stages of glaucoma there are usually no warning signs or symptoms, so even if you feel your eyesight is perfect and you’re having no problems with your vision, you should still go and get tested,” Nathan said.

Renata echoed Nathan’s sentiments about encouraging members of the public to get their eyes tested regularly for glaucoma or other conditions, especially before they notice any changes.

“We would much prefer to see you and say ‘everything’s OK’ than give you the bad news a little bit later so it’s really important to go and see whoever you link in with to check your vision,” Renata said.

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