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Sam is joined this week by Jess Strudwick, the founder of Jess’ Choco Yum, who designs chocolate biscuits with braille designs.

The biscuits feature messages in braille such as “I love you” and there are plans to expand.

As a teacher in the education support sector for two decades, Jess has a keen focus on creating biscuits that are accessible for people with disabilities, and settled on chocolate cookies as a universal snack everyone can enjoy.

“Everyone likes cookies whether you be blind, low vision, hard of hearing or you have an intellectual disability, everyone loves cookies, so I thought why not? I wanted to make it inclusive for everyone,” Jess said.

In her search for braille messages to include on her chocolate cookies, Jess was disappointed to find there was only one message available online to be included, and she is exploring alternative ways to feature different braille designs.

“I can’t find any stamps anywhere so I’m going to need to get them made, which is actually quite sad, in an industry that caters for food you’d think you’d be able to find more but I haven’t been able to so I thought “well I can’t find them out there so why not make them?”, she said.

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