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It made "so much sense" to employ Amir Abdi, said Nick Hatzoglou from Football Victoria, "because who better than a blind person to run blind football?

"They are aware of all the challenges, all the barriers, all the opportunities. I know how important that is when you want to make an impact on people's lives."

Football Victoria is the sport's governing state body "with a clear purpose to include Victorians from all walks of life" in playing football and futsal, Nick said.

The son of Greek migrants, Nick came to know all kinds of people through the sport, and is now Football Victoria's head of diversity, inclusion and community projects.

"One action equals thousands of words," he said of its many co-designed accessibility programs. "Have a go, learn by doing, and be better through understanding."

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In this way, Football Victoria is kicking goals with its All-Abilities League, in which 20 clubs around Melbourne are minimising barriers to entry and participation.

On offer are programs such as: football for people with autism; walking football; wheelchair and powerchair football; and blind football, coordinated by Amir Abdi.

"Our hearts connected when I first met him," Nick said of Amir. "He was a key figure in a [blind football] exhibition game and I took a liking to him, to his journey."

Nick, and many at Football Victoria, "hadn't engaged extensively with people who are blind like Amir," but "we have learned so much by having Amir in the building.

"I could ask him anything and he would be forthright and put me at ease. He brings a point of difference - we all do - but it is so important to have his perspective."

Vision Australia also worked with Football Victoria's staff. "It wasn't onerous at all," Nick said. "It took some time, but we got there, and we learnt every day."

Amir has a guide dog, "so we learnt all the protocols, not to disturb or pat it. We adjusted the lifts by putting Braille on the buttons so Amir could navigate the place.

"Going about what he has to do, I was pleasantly surprised with the adjustments, how Amir navigates his computer, phone and emails. There's a solution for everything.

"Our CEO wanted us to learn by doing and that's exactly what's been happening, a journey of learning with all of our staff engaged, and I am sure they are better for it."

"They" are Football Victoria's 70-odd staff - and about 70,000 participants across the state, in some 40,000 annual fixtures, played and supported by nearly 360 clubs.

Whether volunteer, official, coach, referee, players with a disability or "another ability," as Nick said, they are true to their motto: 'Football for all, anywhere, anytime.'

"Have a go!" Nick enthused. "Actions speaker louder than words and we can impact so many people.

"I want to leave a legacy, that this continues to happen beyond my time, this change, this advocacy.

"We can keep building, leave it better than we found it, and the people who come after us can do the same."

Nick is part of Career Path, a podcast series that supports jobseekers who are blind or have low vision, those who have found meaningful employment and recruiters who recognise the strengths of blind and low vision candidates.