Talking Tech update: The latest from Apple

23 September 2021

Apple has released some new shiny toys. While many might feel it’s the same products spruced up with a new hat, there are a few upgrades that are interesting for the blind and low vision community.

Talking Tech hosts David Woodbridge and Stephen Jolley walk us through the latest instalments of the iPhone (the 13 series), iPad (with the A13 chip) and Apple Watch (series 7) and Apple TV.

Hear the full review of the Apple Keynote Event for September 2021 in the player below:

Also featured in this episode is a preview of the much-anticipated accessible audio only game, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.

Available on PC and Xbox, the story follows a blind queen trying to get her kingdom back,

It utilises 3D audio, which creates quite the immersive experience through headphones.

“It’s a completely blind orientated game, there’s nothing on the screen apart from a couple of dots,” David said.

“I’ve tried it for an hour or two, and it got me excited because it was the first time I could use all the buttons on the controller including the trigger.”

For those interested in accessible games for blind and low vision users, David suggests checking out Triple Tap Tech’s website as an in depth resource.

Exploring tech webinar: Apple Watch

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