David Woodbridge marks 30 years of spreading the tech gospel

25 June 2020

After three decades as a Vision Australia assistive technology advisor, David Woodbridge still defies the tech-geek stereotype.

“You think they’re the blokes shoved away in the back office, like mushrooms, not interested in talking to anyone unless it’s about technology,” David said on a recent Talking Vision episode.

This June, David celebrated 30 years at Vision Australia, where he has shared his extensive knowledge of both assistive and mainstream technology to the blindness and low vision community.

He also hosts the hugely popular radio program and podcast, Talking Tech.

From gadgets to apps and larger devices, David’s passion and excitement about the way technology can assist people is inspiring and infectious.

He also sees there is more to his role than simply advising on what technology people should and can use. “As much as I love technology, it really is only a tool. Yes, it will allow you to do something but it won’t take your blindness or low vision away,” he said.

“I am a technologist. My role is to see how tech can make someone’s life easier. And a part of this is determining if a person who has just lost their vision is ready to take on new technology. There are times where self-care is needed first. For example, maybe they need to concentrate on navigating safely around the home first.“

This is where anyone of the assistive tech advisors can assist people. We never assume that people know as much about technology as we do.”

During the interview David talks about the changes in technology over the last three decades, what he loves about technology and reveals his all-time favourite gadget.

Listen to the interview here.