Vision Australia urges Central West residents to make the most of specialist services

14 February 2020

Residents in the Central West region of NSW living with blindness or low vision have been encouraged to make the most of a new and convenient way to access specialist services.

Leading blindness and low vision service provider Vision Australia has introduced a new model of service delivery in the region, with services now delivered via appointments in clients’ homes or the community or in regular clinics.

Kendra Wells, Vision Australia ACT & Central West regional client services manager, said the new way of delivering services will complement Vision Australia’s key mission of supporting people who are blind or have low vision to live the life they choose.

“For some people who blind or have low vision, travelling to appointments can be a challenge and this change means Vision Australia will now come to them. We’ll be providing our services to our clients in the locations where they’ll have the most impact,” Kendra said.

“Our occupational therapists might visit a client at home or at work and be able to identify potential hazards and the necessary modifications, while our orientation and mobility specialists will be able to support our clients to learn how to safely navigate their regular travel routes and local community.”

Counselling services are also available to support people who may be dealing with a significant or sudden change in their vision.

Vision Australia staff will also be able to demonstrate specialist blindness and low vision equipment at these appointments and support clients to purchase them.

Along with the appointments in clients’ homes or the community, Vision Australia will provide appointments in a clinical setting in Orange.

“Some people may prefer to see us in a more clinical setting, especially those who are new Vision Australia clients or have recently experienced a change in their vision and our clinics provide that opportunity,” Kendra said.

“Our orthoptist will provide vision assessments and people can also trial some of our larger pieces of equipment. People can also book other appointments with our service providers at this location as well.”

Services at the Orange clinic are by appointment only. To make an appointment with the Orange Vision Australia team, call (02) 6363 6900 or email